About Me !

At dreamland - Bali


Hi, im irene. Im from Indonesia. Im 22 years old and still studying in dentistry, but hopefully will finish study this year. I like backpacking and some outdoor activities. So, i made this blog to post anything about my trip. I wanna share about interesting place i ever seen. I also love my country and i think people also can love my country cause there are many awesome things u can find in Indonesia. I didnt visit other country yet, but i will start my trip abroad next year, so if u have reference about anything fun, unique, awesome place, please share it to me. I have mission to enjoy life, feel the world in simplicity not in exclussive way. I like to have interaction with local people in every place i visited. I also want to know and learn about other life style, and im so excited with other culture.  Actually, i dont have a big brave to start trip alone, but yeah, i want try it someday, and hope can do it. Its my first post, so yeah, its definitely has many weakness, but hope u will enjoy it… ^_^

My Biodata !!!

  • Name : Irene Patricia Listyanti, called me Irene
  • Live : Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Education : Dentistry start from 2006
  • Email : iyenileno@gmail.com
  • YM : iyen_ileno88
  • Best Quote : “We do the best, and let God do dress”
  • Interest : Backpacking, hitchhiking, Biking, Snorkeling, Rafting, Hiking, Caving, Dental Surgery, Dental Conservation, Tibet, Photography, Fashion, Dance
  • Movie : Thriller, Drama, Comedy, and all movie which make me think hard
  • Music : Jazz, R n B, Pop, Slow Rock
  • Book : all inspirating books

3 Comments to “About Me !”

  1. Nice Blog
    bukan ji ini salah satu penarik bule jiakakakakak

  2. sy pernah ke malenge… dan foto2 kmu mengingtkan pulau itu 🙂

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