Save Kodingareng Keke

by iyenileno

Im so excited to write about this place. I went there on weekend (070511) with some friends from Makassar Backpacker comunity and also with some friends from Malaysia. We started this vacation on 8 am from “Kayu Bangkoa Harbour”- a special harbour for island trip. We hire a boat for 400K and we paid it in potluck system.^^ Our trip was very awesome. We stopped in some islands like “Lae-lae” and “Samalona” to took snorkel. In samalona i met local people there,and invite one the islands child named Lilian. She was so excited and jumped to the boat directly. Thats cool. We took trip about 40 minutes.

About Kodingareng keke island, its one of many islands around Makassar and i think its the good one. There are no people lives there, also no one manage this island so i hope government can take more care to this island cause the coral ecosystem still good there. U will just find some trees and plants there, and also  find garbage (so, please take care this island, if u have garbages, collected it and throw in Makassar ^^ ).

Awesome Kodingareng keke

I take picture with old woman from Samalona

me and Lilian,the increadible island kid...^^

In my first plan,,,after arrive ill change my clothes before to the clothes with long hand,but when i saw the sea’s water, i changed mind and jumped to the sea directly so the result i got many jellyfish’s stings on my arm and foot, also on my face, neck, lip and ear. Hufft, increadible jellyfish disaster. But whatever i got there,  I love this island. I got snorkeling there, around the island,,and they still have beautiful coral also still with health ecosystem. I found many kinds of fish, nemo, clown fish, lobster, and many more with various form and colours. But, unfortunately, i didnt have underwater camera so i couldnt take some pics of them, but for sure, i really recommended this place without any hesitancy. But as i told before,,be carefull with the jellyfish, so prepare ur close clothes. Firstly, i realized the jellyfish’s sting, but i said ” dont worry, just one or two stings”, but after i looked around,,,”wow, im in the jellyfish field”. I changed my direction,,but before i moved, many jellyfish have stinged me ( they faster than me). Damn for jellyfish,haha.

Snorkeling time,,,,

Coral, coral, coral...

Love, love, love it

I take some pictures of my jellyfish stings, on my arm, hand and foot. Look so scary,,,so are u ready to see them??? Haha,,,this is it….

so scary and i lost my sexy legs and arms,,,hahay

 I dont like to say this in the end of my trip. Yep,time to go back…Hufft. But Kodingareng Keke is good island with coral, i really enjoyed to get snorkeling there. So, i hope government can take care to this island, cause its one of the tour asset in Makassar. Save Kodingareng keke !!! ^^

Bye bye...^^ remember to save this island


4 Comments to “Save Kodingareng Keke”

  1. Luv it…!!! ^_^

  2. Mantap irene, kalo kesanako lagi, ajakkaaaaa

  3. cakeeppp..!!

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