Training to be Tour Guide

by iyenileno

Yesterday, i had new experience as a tour guide. Thank you very much for Mr.Dodo Mursalim (master tour guide in Makassar-South Sulawesi) who gave me this very awesome opportunity. I got many advantages such as meet new people with different culture, practice my English, and increase  knowledge about my city, thats so awesome.

its my first time...really enjoy it

I have done it with my friend from Makassar Backpacker community, Sari. We’re together got free basic training, lol. Our first guest is Rene from Germany and Anthony from Spain. There’re so friendly, humorist and showed big curiousity about Coto (special food from Makassar) and also Durian. They didnt have chance to try it cause they must get trip to Toraja soon.

Coto Makassar

Durian...mmmm,,,yummy,,,,but very sharp smell

We just have about 2 hours in Makassar before they went to Toraja. I just showed them “Fort Rotterdam”, and they said that the place was very nice and interested. After showed Fort Rotterdam, we’re visit “Paotere”, its a traditional harbour, u will find many wood boat there especially a traditional ship from South Sulawesi named “phynisi”

Nice to meet u all,,,hope we can meet again and share about travelling someday,,,or maybe u will be my tour guide too someday,,,hopefully…And thanx a lot for Mr. Dodo Mursalim,,,he is a very good tour guide…

Me and Rene


3 Comments to “Training to be Tour Guide”

  1. I’m french speaking guide, but now I work in n International Organization, and some times I miss this fantastic job. Mes amis me manquent beucoup, j’aimerai bien le faire un ou 2 fois par un

  2. Jdi guide aja lg tante….

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