by iyenileno

Turistas (Portuguese and Spanish for Tourists) is old movie, released on 2006. The story about a group of young backpacker trip. I like this movie and also get one lesson that “dont trust anyone too much during your trip”

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director : John Stockwell

Star : Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, Olivia Wilde

Plot :

Three young American tourists, Alex (Josh Duhamel), his sister Bea  (Olivia Wilde) and a friend Amy (Beau Garrett), backpacking in Brazil, decide to go by bus and sightsee portions of the country, instead of flying directly to the Northeastern beaches  they wish to visit. After a bus crash they are joined by two English men, Finn(Desmond Askew)  and Liam (Max Brown) and the Australian Pru Stagler (Melissa George) and head to the beach looking for a bar. There they get involved in a party with locals but are served drugged drinks and pass out. The next morning, they awaken on the deserted beach, with only the clothes they had on, stripped of luggage, money, and documents. Looking for help in the nearby village, they encounter conflict with locals as they see some of their belongings worn or lying around. Offering help, Kiko (Agles Steib), a local who speaks some English, volunteers to take them to an isolated cabin in the forest, where they can wait for help. In a long walk through the wilderness, Kiko shows them a “secret place,” a cave beneath a waterfall, but, taking a bad dive into the river, Kiko hits the rocky bottom, and is rendered unconscious and begins bleeding profusely from a cut in his head. Proceeding to the cabin in the jungle, they find food, clothes, and prescription drugs in a number of different names and a drawer filled with other people’s passports. They manage to seal Kiko’s wound and hesitantly spend the night at the cabin.

They are awakened in the middle of the night by a helicopter bringing Zamora (Miguel Lunardi), a physician, and a few associates. They are advised to flee, because Zamora has twisted plans for them, but they are beaten into compliance. Zamora proceeds to a makeshift operating room  where he removes organs from Amy, who is sedated, while he explains to Finn, who is tied up, that organ theft for transplant from Brazilians by rich  gringos is part of a pattern of exploitation of Brazilian “resources,” and that it is time to “give back.” Victims’ usable organs are being harvested and sent to the People’s Hospital Rio de Janeiro  and used for the benefit of the poor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group outside manage to break free of their cages, fighting and killing one of Zamora’s associates, with the aid of Kiko, who returned after being sent away by Zamora. Alex sends Bea and Pru to wait by the waterfall they passed on the way to the remote residence. Then, he, Kiko and Liam attempt to raid the cabin. They successfully rescue Finn, who is partially unable to walk because he has been sedated, but while they are running away from the cabin, Finn is shot in the head. Alex realizes they have to resume their escape, but Liam, incensed by the death of his friend, decides to stay behind and fight back, only to be shot and taken away to be “salvaged”. By the waterfall, Alex, Bea and Pru try to hide inside the flooded cave Kiko showed them, eluding one of Zamora’s associates who is trailing close behind, armed with a bow and arrows, and Zamora’s party. For a time, they are able to put some distance between themselves and their pursuers. Diving and swimming to the cavern’s secondary entrance, they find Zamora is already there, and he shoots them in the water, killing Kiko and injuring Alex.

The survivors are forced to backtrack into the water of the cave, where they can take air at only a few places. They split up, looking for breathing points, trying not to be noticed and fall prey to the archer. Bea and the archer meet at the same breathing spot, but Bea grabs an arrow from the man, stabbing him in the neck and killing him. Alex, Bea and Pru get out of the cave only to run into Zamora. Alex goes berserk , jumps Zamora and repeatedly hits him in the head with a rock. Alex is interrupted by the arrival of one of Zamora’s associates, who is armed with a rifle. Zamora instructs him to kill the foreigners. Seeing the trio of survivors, vulnerable and scared, and Zamora in agony, the man hesitates. This infuriates Zamora, who orders the gunman, to carry out the killing. Pru tries to convince the gunman to spare them, pointing out how Zamora speaks to him in derogatory terms, Zamora calls the gunman a coward, and is shot in the head by the gunman who turns and walks off. Soon after, the survivors, coming out of the jungle, meet local villagers who help them to recover.

Later, Alex and Bea stand in line, waiting to board an airplane, while a couple of tourists behind them argue over going by bus. Alex advises them, “Take the plane.” (from wikipedia)




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