Vote for Komodo

by iyenileno

Komodo National Park located in Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. You will meet Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensi) – the ancient animal. Its one of the 28 finalist to be a new seven wonders of nature, and the other finalist are Amazon, Galapagos, Angel Falls, Maladewa,  Jeju Island, Puerto Princesa, Dead Sea, Grand Canyon, Kilimanjaro, Halong Bay, Sundarbans, Maldives, etc.

welcome to Komodo National Park

Why i recommend this place ????

  • Easy and not expensive to visit
  • One of world heritage sites
  • There are amazing islands around (pink beach, Rinca island, Bidadari island)
  • and the most important, you only will find Komodo dragon here

Its mean if u voted this place to be a new 7 wonders, u have participated to save one of  ancient animals in world. Only about 1330 komodos living in Komodo island now, and thats not a big amount. They need your vote to get more caring from government and world peoples.

Its some pictures of komodo there, enjoy !!!

wow !!!

come to me,,,haha

save them please

u only find them here

only 1330 komodos now

Visited Komodo with Makassar backpacker

Finally, if u want to vote Komodo National Park as a new 7 wonders, please click :

Vote for Komod as New 7 Wonders here

And invite ur families and friends to vote and save komodo ^_^.


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