Undetected Ancient Rock Site

by iyenileno

Im so excited to write about this spot “Ancient Rock Site” or “Rocks Garden”. Its one of undetected awesome spot close from my town. Located in Maros,  Kecamatan Salenrang, Ramang-ramang village about 1 – 1,5 hours (normal condition) from Makassar (capital city of South Sulawesi-Indonesia) and also has same direction with the big cement factory named “Bosowa”. When i went there, i tried to hitchhike and that was very fun. I was hitchhike in truck, pick up car with various cargo – chicken, meubel, stone, cement. Thats my first time to hitchhike and i love it.

Be Faster to get ur truck, haha

Wind time, wuuush...

From the center road, about 300 m, u will find a bridge.  There are two ways to get the spot – over the land or over the river, both offer great scenery. Would be better if u stayed for one night there, so u can come there over the river and go back over the land. If u want got it over the river, u must take boat from the bridge and paid 5K  for one way. U will find very awesome scenery. There are many ancient rock site in left and right side of the river. U also will find some rock hills (if u lucky, u would see some monkeys on the hill).

pay attention around u

boat is their mind transportation

Thats some picture of the ancient rock site :

looks like a temple

various form...

lets jump from the top

hmmm,,,,what else

do u think its giant bird or camel???

We was through the river about 15 minutes then we arrived in a small dam on afternoon. We should be fast before get night. We walked about 400 meters then find one local home – not a guesthouse – and we stayed there for one night. The local people at that home so welcome. We just brought some food matter and cooked there then ate together. No bathroom, no electric, no signal and i like it. That was very tired day, but i really enjoyed it.


eating time - simple but delicious

Morniiiiiiiiiing !!!

I was very enjoyed to take rest in the village. In morning,,,we explored the place and found some small cave there. Some local people use the cave as a place to breeding their cows.

explored aroud

tarzan's ladies,haha....aaauuuuoooo !!!

Clock showed 11 am, and thats time to go back. We just eaten before, said goodbye with our new mom in that house. We collected some money then gave it to her. She asked to back there someday, “dont worry we will back soon “

Its one of undetected spot in South Sulawesi. I introduce this place for everyone who interest with the ancient site, everyone who care about some spot which uncared by government,and everyone who want to feel world in simplicity. I also dedicated this post to Ibu Jaisah for her kindness to gave us place to slept, thank you ^_^! Highly recommended this place if u need serenity.

Thanx for read !!! Enjoy ur life, do everything u want but still care other life. Pssst,,,try to hitchhike everywhere … ^_~

what the perfect serenity ????

Hitchhiking everywhere


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  1. nice ….. tingkat kan…..

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