Work camp at Lanjukang Island

by iyenileno


Work Camp 911 is made by Makassar Backpacker Community. We started the trip on 9 am from “Kayu Bangkoa Harbour” – close from Pantai Gapura Hotel. We was rent fiber boat with 500PK (cost 3200K) for return, but u also can rent smaller boat with 100PK (cost 1000K) depend with how many person u are. If u went there with fiber boat, u would take about 1,5 – 2 hr and if u went there with smaller boat, u would take about 3 – 4 hr.


The fiber boat which rented by us

Lanjukang is one of many islands around Makassar, and it the most far from Makassar about 40 km. There is a resort there (if u want rent the resort u must take the package at Pantai Gapura Hotel) but i think its expensive, so better if u took camp there, orย  slept under the star ocean with ur “sleeping bag” ^_~ (i love that moment).

more fun, cheaper, and more beautiful to sleep here

U will just find about 5 local houses and 20 local peoples there.Local peoples there very welcome, friendly and always have time to help u even give u fish and squid for free (haha). There are a fishing boat too, so if u lucky, the fisherman would invite u to join them for fishing. go to fishing boat, looking for free seafood, yummy !!!

Just for info, there is no signal and electric there, no restaurant, no clean water, so u must bring ur own food to survive. But dont worry, just brought ur food matter, and u can cook ur food there with stone and wood (local woman will help u too). U’ll just find one water source there – well with brackish water – use for washing, bathing, and cooking. Dont worry, although its not clean water, but i bet u wont get diarrhea (I have prove it ^_~)



free of charge...

cooking time,,,its more delicious than eat in restaurant...

U can get the sunset in back of island and the sunrise in front of the island through the beachside or through the small forest of the island (both are awesome too). U will find the old lighthouse in back of island and also the tumble big tree along the beach. Its make this island more exotic and offer good looking scenery.

romantic sunset

Sunrise - best alarm in world,haha

try to pull the tree, haha, stupid !!

About the local food, there is local seafood from there named “Kima” – like a big shell. People there will sell it to u, but once again if u lucky, u could get it for free (i love that way). It would be delicious if u knew the right way for cook it. So, if u go to Lanjukang its mean u would be full of seafood, yummy !!! The kids there very atractive, funny and friendly, its made me interest to play with them and help them to cleaning the shell (for sale). They also offer u to buy “Nemo” (yeah u will find Nemo and the other fish there).


missed play with them

Nemo for 5K

I love Lanjukang very much, but i also disapointed, cause Lanjukang have lost their beautiful coral. Almost coral there have damaged by fisherman who used bom, but i still enjoyed the various fish there. I like the local people there, they so friendly. They always sit close from us, and pay attend for everything we done also care with us. They have unique teeth structure, short figure, and some of them showed hairless. I think its because they just married with their own family, so its a genetic abnormality. Before we returned back to Makassar, we gave them our food, some clothes and they was very happy. I love them, they are my new family and now i missing their smile. Lanjukang is good place to take rest from the festivity, so i recommended this place if u want felt life in simplicity and far from urbanity life style.ย  I really enjoyed this trip and will enjoy to visit again.

i recommended this place if u want felt life in simplicity

They are my new family...Missed their smile T_T


7 Comments to “Work camp at Lanjukang Island”

  1. luccuuuuu reeennnn…..apalgi klo sambil ingat2 our experience @ the night with the star, moon n brother….hwahahahaa….

    keep writing sist… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. tawwwaaaa, kerennya blognya Irene ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. mantap tawwa. bahasa inggirisnya mudah di cerna dan dimengerti, jelas tapi padat. gambar2nya keren, karna sudah di edit. tingkatkan…!!!

  4. Great……!!!!!!
    Ambe muami pokokx……..mantap, jelas, menarik, sampai menyesal nggak ikut…lanjutkan…!! di tunggu tulisan berikutx….2 thumbs up for you…!!!

  5. Lanjukang……… I love the place now there are 43 family living on the island…… located at southern of Sulawesi…….. so peaceful……

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