Lovely December at Toraja

by iyenileno

Hi again ! Now ill introduce about one increadible place close from my city named Tana Toraja. Im so excited cause im Torajanese. lol. Here we go.

I have visited Toraja about 20 times or more, almost every year i definitely comes there. To go there, u can use bus from Makassar (capital city of South Sulawesi). There are so many bus goes there with price start from 70K – 120K  (depend the facilities of the bus). U can take them in “Perintis Kemerdekaan street, in front of department store named Makassar Town Square“. U will find about 3 bus company there :

  • Metro Permai
  • Manggala Trans
  • Bintang Prima

Close from there u also will find bus company named “Litha & Co” (about 250 meters to the right side) and “Alam Indah” (about 200 meters to the left side). U will take about 8 hours to arrive in Toraja. There are two big towns in Toraja, Makale (capital town of Toraja) and Rantepao (capital town of North Toraja). I recommend to stay at Rantepao, cause the good spot to visit is closer from Rantepao than Makale. In Rantepao u will find many guesthouse in various price start from 20K. When i went there i was stay at guesthouse in front of “Missiliana Hotel” and paid 20K per night.

Its my room, 20 K per night. there are about 10 beds, 1 bath room, 1 TV, chairs plus table.

In Toraja u can do hitchhiking. People there very welcome for it. But be carefull cause the public transportation there looks similar with private car. But i recommend to hitchhike in truck, thats more fun. Its me when i was hitch on the truck with many buffalo’s feces,,,hihi, awesome !!!

Toraja is famous with their culture especially about death ceremony. If u want to saw the ceremony, made sure about the ceremony’s schedule before come there. But in December, Toraja will make event named “Lovely December”, and u can see all culture in that time.

buffalo fighting. u will always find this in death ceremony

Toraja offer many interest spot and almost the spot are cemetary. They buried death people in cave and also buried babies in tree.

  • Londa. Londa is steep rocky sides’ graves. Located in Sandan Uai Village, Kecamatan Sanggalangi, about 7 km  turned to south from Rantepao. One of its sides is located on a higher place from the hills which has a deep caves where you can see coffins that are arranged and grouped based on the family lines. On the other side of the hill, on the balcony, dozens of ‘tau-tau’ (statue of the death man) seems to be a life, stand straight with eyes opened, are looking over the beautiful landscape of this area. we called it “tedong bonga”, this buffalo very expensive tau – tau’ caving….awesome
  • Lemo. Located at Lemo Village, Kecamatan Mengkendek, about 11 km turned to south from Rantepao and 7 km north from Makale. Its also a rocky graves. Named Lemo cause its form similar with Lemon. There are about 75 grave holes in the hill, and each hole consist of 1 family. Size of the hole about 3 – 5 meters and need about 30 millions ruphias to make one hole. To make one hole also need time about 6 months till 1 year. There are many ‘tau-tau’ close from the hole, about 40 tau-tau. Grave holes in the hill with tau-tau’
  • Bori. Its one place to do a death ceremony . U also will find beautifull megalith here. There are about 102 megaliths, 24 megaliths in big size, 24 in moderate size and about 54 in small size. In here u also will find baby graves. They laying the baby in the tree. The megaliths Baby’s grave
  • Ke’te Kesu. Located some 3 km south east from Rantepao, Ke’te Kesu is reachable on foot or by motorcycle. Enterance fee is IDR 5,000 for Indonesian and IDR 10,000 for foreigners.Ke’te Kesu’ is one of the most complete set of toraja traditional  settlement elements. The complex has a series of the remarkable toraja traditional tongkonan houses and rice barns (alang). One of the tongkonan house building is now functioned as museum where tourist may learn more about toraja culture and history. Covered by bamboo forest behind the tongkonan houses is a stone grave complex with numerous wooden coffins and tens of statues called tau-tau. These statues represents the nobles who were buried here. Green paddy fields in front of the rice barns make it a complete toraja settlement. woman and paddys skull garden,,,awwwwwwwis it yours??? lol graves at the hill
  • Batutumonga. Its my favourite place. I really love the landscape of this place. The location of Batutumon are at the foot of Mount Sesean, so do not be surprised if Batutumonga be a very suitable location for people who want to enjoy the very fresh air, and free from pollution. Not only that, from a very interesting place to visit, you can enjoy the view of Rantepao and surrounding valleys. It’s really a very stunning scenery. Lo’ko’ Mata are one of the wonders that you should visit in Batutumonga. Lo’ko’ Mata is a large stones carved for use as a cemetery. Lo’ko’ Mata named for a natural stones were carved like a human head. Actually Liang Lo’ko’ Mata previously named Dassi Dewata, or a bird of god, because the canal is a nesting place for many species of birds with beautiful plumage, and exciting voice that sometimes scary. The area of Lo’ko’ Mata ± 1 ha and all holes are about 60 pieces. The most thing i like in Batutumonga that u can trekking cause this place provide trekking area to Rantepao, also u can biking from Batutumonga to Rantepao, and thats really awesome moment. love it !!! local oldwoman,,, Kids play traditional game can u see the scenery behind me??? thumbs!! trekking time,,,the best part !

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